Eva Pinkelnig wins Silvester Tournament 2022-2023

The Ski Jumping Silvester Tournament finished today, 1st January 2023, in Ljubno, Slovenia. Best women ski jumpers competed during four stages in order to get the trophy. The Austrian Eva Pinkelnig is the winner of this tournament. With four wins, she had no problem to get the trophy. Today Pinkelnig had another excellent jumps and … Read more

Eva Pinkelnig won twice in Villach in Silvester Tournament

The Austrian Eva Pinkelnig won twice in Villach in Silvester Tournament, edition 2022-2023. FIS Silvester Tournament is a women`s ski jumping competition similar to men`s Four Hills Tournament. This edition take place in the Austrian town Villach and in the Slovenian town Ljubno. Villach hold the first two stages of the tournament. The Austrian Eva … Read more