Four Hills Tournament 2022-2023 in Innsbruck

Four Hills Tournament 2022-2023 goes on in Innsbruck on 4th January 2023. The Tirolean city is the third stage of the tournament. It is the first Austrian location of the competition. The podium is: Dawid Kubacki first place, Halvor Egner Granerud the second place and Anza Lanisek the third place. The final jump will take … Read more

FIS Ski Jumping World Cup 2022-2023 started in Wisla

Ski Jumping 2022-2023 World Cup started this weekend in the Polish town Wisla. Women and men ski jumpers meet this weekend for the first World Cup competition in this edition. The Norwegian Silje Opseth and the Polish Dawid Kubacki won the Saturday runs. The Austrians Marita Krammer and Eva Pinkelnig got the second and the … Read more

Dawid Kubacki won in Bischofshofen and won the 4 Hill Tournament 2019-2020

Dawid Kubacki won the stage in Bischofshofen and won the 4 Hill Tournament edition 2019-2020. He is the third Polish ski jumper who won the 4 Hill Tournament after Adam Malysz and Kamil Stoch. Kubacki had a small advantage beyond the young Norwegian Marius Lindvik before the last event. In Bischofshofen competition, Kubacki had the best … Read more

Dawid Kubacki is world champion at ski jumping normal hill in Seefeld 2019

The Polish Dawid Kubacki is world champion at ski jumping normal hill in Seefeld 2019, competition that has just finished short time ago. The weather conditions were very bad, much snowfall and heavy wind. Almost all jumps were modest and very modest. In other words, the event was not a spectaculous one like in previous … Read more