Marius Lindvik won at Innsbruck Bergisel in 4-Hills-Tournament

The young ski jumper Marius Lindvik won in Innsbruck at Bergisel ski jump. This was the third event in the 4-Hills-Tournament. The Norwegian got a second win in a row in few days. On 1st January he won at Olympiaschanze in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Lindvik had the longest first jump and got a big advantage beyond the other jumpers. The favorites Karl Geiger, Ryoyu Kobayashi and Stefan Kraft had modest jumps.

The wind disturbed badly the second jump. As a result, most jumpers had modest evolutions. However, the German Geiger jumped very well and saved many places finally. Marius Lindvik had a shorter jump than the other athletes, but he won after a fight with the Polish Dawid Kubacki. The Norwegian Daniel Andre Tande got the third place.

In the general podium in the 4-Hills-Tournament, Dawid Kubacki has the first place, followed by Lindvik and Geiger. Kobayashi, the winner of the tournament in 2019, is the fourth.

Qualifications for the last event of this competition take place this evening in Bischofshofen. The final competition in 4-Hills-Tournament will take place on 6st January 2020 in Bischofshofen.

Let`s wait to see if Kubacki will win the tournament or the young Linvik will be the unexpected winner. Geiger and Kobayashi has changes to win the tournament, but they need very good jumps.

Innsbruck, Austria, Bergisel ski jump
Innsbruck, Austria, Bergisel ski jump