Brilliant Cristiano Ronaldo send Juventus Torino in quarters

Brilliant Cristiano Ronaldo send Juventus Torino in Champions League quarters with amazing hat-trick.

Splendid match yesterday evening on Torino`s football arena between Juventus Torino and Atletico Madrid!

Atletico beaten Juventus with 2-0 in the first leg and few people gave chances to Juve for a qualification in quarters. The second leg, held by Juventus` arena, was an exceptional one for the Italian team. Atletico did not managed to keep the advantage won in Madrid.

The Potuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo scored three times and sent Juve in quarters. Cristiano scored against Atletico Madrid many times, not only in Primera Division, but also in Champions League. Now, Cristiano Ronaldo helped Juventus to beat Atletico. The Italian team keeps the dream to win Champions League.

Bernardeschi was another player that did a lot for Juventus` qualification in quarters. However, all Juventus team played extraordinary.

Cristiano Ronaldo was the best player yesterday and brought to Juventus a fabulous result. He has proved his value again.